Monday, November 30, 2009


Apparently I have a disconnect between brain and stomach. I mean..I love Thanksgiving..."gravy? why, yes please", "gee, I don't think I've tried all 32 dessert options!" "are there larger plates available or just overflow ones available ?" "race bikes ?me ?...I think you are mistaken"

As in past years, Jen and I made the trip East to Kansas to visit with my side of the family for the long weekend. Thankfully, the consumption is slightly balanced by the fact that everyone leads an active life, so we all went on a few walks/hikes and stick with tradition when we turn our backs on the approaching rampant consumerism that is Black Friday. Instead ,we spend a day doing a few odd jobs around my sisters farm . Last year, I balanced the meal with a nice 56 mile road ride between their homes, that ride didn't quite pan out this year so while I wasn't keen on jumping in the car again after a 7 hour drive the day before, I felt as though it was in my best interest to go race my bike at Sunday's RRV #2. Besides, I had a bone to pick with this course.
loading up for a hike ( or swim, for the dog )

Jen's new ride...a hayburner to replace the 29er

eliminating emergency exits for goats

a break...supplemented with more cookies

Last weeks Pike Peak race netted me a second row slot on the start line. A couple of pre-lap warm up laps showed that the course had been modified slightly, still stupid hard and techy in spots. There were a few sections that would send out mental suggestions, saying "go ahead, sit up here and take a breather...this is a hard sport and you deserve a break" best to avoid those voices and keep your head down and keep the power on, otherwise you'd get dropped like a rock. I got off to a decent enough of a start but was immediately flustered by traffic and not being able to approach barriers, sand pits, run-ups etc, at the speed I wanted. Subsequently, I found myself trying to play catch up without much of a top end. ( and carrying an extra bunch of pounds around ) With 2 laps to go, the afterburners finally kicked in ( late!) and I started moving forward and finished through in 16th position. Thankfully, the course didn't get the best of me this time and was super pleased just to have finished without any drama. Modest goal of keeping just enough points to earn me a semi-decent callup at States was met.

Huge congrats go out to the Boob , who took a win in the 4's on what would be his last race for the season. I'm not sure where the time has gone and we are already looking at the end of our season...or are we ? I booked a flight to Bend and I also keep reading rumors of a few January races for the front range.

Looking forward to seeing you all at States this weekend, best of luck to all out there who are wrapping up their seasons. Thanks for reading


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