Sunday, November 15, 2009


Woke up feeling pretty darn good after flying in from Taiwan the day before. I look outside, it's spitting rain and snow, low grey clouds and temps hovering around freezing. Perfect. Might as well race off the lag and besides, getting to Sundays race in Boulder sounds like a dodgy affair with a bunch of snow on the menu. I was running around the house in super panic spaz mode trying to gather all bits and pieces of bike stuff that I needed for the day. The bike wasn't really prepped. I was pulling clothing off the line that had been left there from the last race. Everything is chucked into the car and off I go, almost an hour late.

I arrive at the venue with about 50 minutes to spare. Jim rolls over looking for a pump, " you look like hell " he states, since I hadn't yet looked at myself in the mirror yet, I can't disagree and no , I managed to forget my pump at home, along with chamois lube and embrocation. After paying for my number, I huddle in the back of the Element and change as quickly as possible, apparently too quick as I zip up the skinsuit and realize that I forgot to attach the number. Off comes the suit again, pin on the number, suit up again and then I think I've lost a glove. By the time I dial in tire pressure and use the facilities one last time, any opportunity for a warm-up or course re-con has evaporated. I just pull up to the line, pass on a call-up and think I'll figure out the course as we go.

Oh to be 18 seriously, This is the 3rd time this year that I've slotted into this position. I am pretty darned pleased with this race despite my body not really knowing what time zone it's in. The course had a nice mix of wide open power sections, a Return of the Jedi type singletrack and of course some sand.

Thanks for the folks at the ICCC and the FMVC who put an emphasis on a family/community day of cross racing. There was a newbie race which I think is badly needed in our area. Starting out, even in a Cat 4 race could be WAY more intimidating for a first foray into cross racing. Nestled into the newbie race was also a tandem category with some pretty impressive coordinated dismounts and remounts. Hot Dogs on the grill, huge pots of hot cocoa, a nice fire pit to keep spectators happy and also a very well attended memorial service for a club member who was tragically struck by a motorist a week prior.

It was a nice low key day at the races, and the atmosphere was quite unlike any other event that we've had this season. well done.


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