Friday, December 4, 2009

Bikes are prepped and waiting for what will most likely be my last race on the Colorado calender, our State Championships are being held up in Arvada tomorrow. Here's all I know...there's a "death spiral" and winter has set in here...hard! This morning temps were hovering around the zero mark, there's snow on the ground and while tomorrow is supposed to be hinting at 40's, course conditions will most likely be perfect..again!! Frozen, rutted, slippery icy mud ! This season reminds of the Surf City Series in Santa Cruz during an El Nino year, just non-stop epic conditions!!

As soon as my race is over, my Jamis gets a thorough wash and tune and goes in a box bound for Bend. Sunday, we leave with some friends for Francie's Hut for a few days of sliding on snow in the high country...sweet! Then it's back in the germ tube on Thursday for this point..a little downtime is all I need for the holiday. I'll be posting as often as possible from Nationals so while I won't have much new news for a while, stay tuned for more to come about mid week

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