Sunday, November 1, 2009

Line Choice

Although I haven't found it yet, I'm pretty sure I'm labeled with the following statement " For best results, best to operate in temperatures between 25° -55° F" .

Saturdays race was a blur and seemed to end mere moments after it started, which was a shame. Pure joy, playing in the mud, the filthier the better. It feels as though the body is pulling energy from each new glob that flicks off the tire tread into your teeth. For many of us, the individual reasons that we gather every weekend are as varied as the lines we choose across a mess of goop, although I think that at the core, all our reasons are exactly the same. Camaraderie. If I raced with you or encouraged you from the other side of the tape it's because we can all relate to the ability to push ourselves to the best our abilities and leave nothing on the table. To suffer like hell for 45 minutes and hope to come out of it smiling, to share our battles on the field.

Shawn Lortie, super fast dad, who shared his secret to speed, don't ride during the week and partake in Margs at the Rio whenever possible

At the end of my day, I filled up the 18th position on what is consistently, one of the best courses and well run event on the calender ( there was even a high school marching band in attendance )The fact that it was an NACT race, made it that much sweeter. It was great to spend some face time with some long time New England Cyclocross Mafia members, and witness Tim Johnson putting on a clinic on how to race cross by besting his teammates by a solid minute and a half !
Jesse Anthony, consummate pro and gracious enough to lend his hand to the product development process

A few factors figured into my decision to pass on Sundays race. First was that my start time was 8am ( too early ), The venue was changed to the Res ( once a year is enough ), a Halloween party the night before ( cheeks sore from laughing at absurdly creative costumes) and it was just a perfect Fall day to spend with my honey. I did get out on a dusk ride on the Indy Fab down the Sante Fe trail as the moon rose over downtown....perfect weekend
Check out Rob O Dea's pictures from Saturday on Kellers site....amazing.
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Shawn said...

Hey Shotty, thanks for the props, but don't give away all my secrets:)