Sunday, November 30, 2008


I waltzed into work last Wednesday thinking I could get away with wrapping up a few odds and ends and bailing by lunchtime at the was not to be as I stumbled out, completely frayed about an hour later than planned. Rode home, then Jen and I frantically packed the car for the 6+ hour drive to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Kansas. For various reasons a bunch of us Connecticut yankees ended up planting stakes in the middle of the country. Thanksgiving is far and above the most underrated holiday of all... there are few cards to send, no gifts you feel obligated to purchase, the home doesn't need elaborate decorations, etc. This one is so beautifully simple, make a special meal and gather around with those close to you to share.

I had communicated a desire to delay the family greetings by a few hours because I've always wanted to ride by bike from my sister's place in Salina to my other sisters home in Newton, 56 miles due South. Thankfully, my wishes were granted and I threw a leg over the bike on Thanksgiving morning under perfect blue bird skies and chilly temps. I had been watching the weather carefully and sure enough, the pieces had fallen into place, I had a huge push south by a very consistent wind from the North that was building as the day went on. Only three hours later I pulled into the driveway, I spent perhaps 10% of the ride in my small ring up front. For sure, this will need to become a tradition, if not a point to point,then why not a nice big loop.

After dinner, Jen, myself, my bro-in law and handful of nieces went for a short hike around the property, felt good to stretch the legs again . Friday, traditionally has been a "work day" at my sisters farm, a huge sprawling piece of land with a few outbuildings, silos, barns and a cool old brick house. Since we've got a pretty good crew of slightly skilled workers on hand it's a great opportunity to check off some projects from the ever-growing list. We had a slight morning delay and spent that time shooting tin cans with various rifles and handguns. It's been a good couple of decades since I've used a gun, turns out I migrate towards the smaller caliber rifles that don't throw you in the back seat when the trigger is pulled. Friday was spent indulging in heaps of leftovers and celebrating our niece Hannah's 11th birthday...we had a great weekend catching up with everyone so thanks to my whole family for putting us up in their homes, putting up with us and taking great care with our care and feeding!

We packed up Saturday morning amidst flurries that were rapidly turning into a full fledged snow squall. We made it back to the Springs by dusk, emptied the car and then repacked for Sundays Red Rocks race. The forecast calls for snow...substantial amounts!!!

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