Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not so pro-file

Head on over to The Road Diaries to get the skinny on where were at with Shorty Ultimates, if you see me or my fellow Srammie, Jim Mathis at any of the remaining front range races and want to take a squeeze, give us a yell, (be forewarned though, I run mine moto style )

Thanks to Zellman who got it mostly right, except for the fact that I race in the slow Masters category. if anything it's worth taking a look at the New England Cyclocross Mafia Mob Boss, Stu Thorne cleaning my filthy bike

Saturday!!!.....Saturday!!! Pikes Peak Velo Cross....see you there

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BubbaCross said...

Nice work man! Congrats to you and the other Srammie-heads. -MK