Thursday, November 5, 2009

Flight Plan

One more derby for me this weekend at Schoolyard Cross in Louisville on Saturday and then on Sunday, it's off to Taiwan for the next iteration-pilot build of our cross brake. 13 times zones away, 3 flights for a total amount of flying time of 15-17 hours, which makes a door to door excursion of about 26 hours ( give or take a few minutes ). To get an idea, don't sleep for about 3 days and then spend a full day inside a carnival fun house. That's the closest analogy to describing how I feel when I get home again. The Cross Crusade race is out, and the Boulder series wrap-up is a definite maybe. I'm going to do my best to race off jet lag...for sure, steer clear of me if you pass mid-race and my eyes are's just a quick nap.

Here's to an early arrival of the cold front on Saturday as this weeks weather on the front range has been positively un-crossy....can't really complain, we've had a really nice balance of perfect ( snow, cold , mud ) and not so-perfect ( sunny, warm )

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