Wednesday, December 31, 2008


2008 is just about behind us and I wanted to put down some thoughts before we pin up a new calender. Everything I've seen and read seems to chalk up 2008 as a bad memory. I think otherwise, for the most part I had great year, it wasn't without it's heartaches and loss but the the most part, I'm calling it good. So pull up a chair, grab a mug and enjoy.

In rememberence of family passed on, we lost an Aunt and Uncle this year. They were an extremely dynamic couple and a huge inspiration to me at a formidable age. Ernest Saxton was a Kodak lifer and one of the funniest persons I've ever had the privilege to know let alone call family. He owned the room when it came time for a story. His wife, Stevie was of Greek dissent and was a true matriarch of the family, She introduced me to that piece of dessert heaven, Baklava so for that I will always be thankful! They will be missed.

Purely monetarily speaking, we and our possessions are worth less than a year ago, Is this a problem ? Of course it is, however I'd like see this as a fault line that has been building pressure for sometime, the plates were going to shift at some point and as much as it hurts, I think it may be healthy for the long term. I'll admit that my viewpoint is a gross oversimplification of a very convulted issue but it makes me feel better so.... check back with me by this time next year and see if I'm singing the same tune.

My bride and I celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary by bobbing about the Pacific ocean watching brightly colored fishes while Humpback whales breached on the horizon. That trip in February mentally ruined me by causing instantaneous loss of focus or attention when those memories are present.

Friends - New and Old. This year was marked by a inordinately large number of friends, most of whom I hadn't heard from for years getting back in touch. Perhaps it's our ever-shrinking global scale and our instant communication at our fingertips ? I'm not sure but I like it, so if I heard from you this year, thanks for getting in touch and keeping in touch!!

The Cyclocross Season. Sure, the results were a tad better than past seasons, but I thoroughly enjoyed this season for so many more reasons. There were few frustrating moments when my body wasn't up to the task (Boulder Cup) and I wasn't catching any luck at all (Boulder #3-puncture, Pikes Peak Supercross #2-puncture, Blue Sky Velo-Xilinx- mechanical from being rear-ended). But here are the positives that far outweighed the negatives:

Courses: Kudos to DBC events for the States course, I couldn't have asked for a better core cross course and if the Chatfield Rez course didn't put a perma-grin on your face then you've got problems

Riders: The cross scene is where it's at, you can't fake this sport and that fact makes for tight group of fanatics who enjoy getting dirty and picking up a hacking, phlegmy cough for the remainder of the day. Thanks to Jim Mathis and Chris Wilkerson, a couple of other Srammies who saw the light this year. Mike Dancel, a Springs rider from Blue Sky Velo, Rich from Frites en Mayo, Greg from Mud and Cowbells, Matty O. Pete Webber, another Maine escapee. Many of you are part of the reason I keep chucking my crap in the car every weekend to take part in the insanity.

Nats: an obvious confirmation that this sport is where I belong. See you in Bend,Oregon next year or over the pond in the homeland.

Looking forward, here's to new leadership at the helm and Phish getting back together with a rumored 5 night run at Redrocks. There's so much more I could list here but time's a wastin' . Here's wishing you and your family the best for 2009 !! Thanks so much for reading and sending your comments.

other misc. photo's from the year:

Tall biking at Fruita Fat Tire fest
Birthday on top of Kenosha Pass

Monarch Crest - a surprisingly super fun solo ride this year

Jen, on her little big wheel bike in Fruita

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