Thursday, December 11, 2008

One down, one to go

I had to come all the way to KC to get my fix of mud, (be careful what you wish for!) The recent snow here melted off today and left a couple inches of some incredibly greasy, sloppy sticky mud. The Red Rocks race that was held a few weeks ago on snow held WAY more traction than todays run. You had to be super careful on how the power was applied, there were more than a few long grinding climbs where the rear wheel would spin on every pedal stroke and then it was hang-on for the descents. I had a pretty poor starting position and managed to avoid a huge pile up right out of the gate. My goals of A. not crashing, B. not getting lapped and C. not being pulled were met. I think we had about a 100+ person field and I managed 64th I think.
Saturday will be a different story, the course may be drier but I will be a small fish in a big pond, we'll see how it goes, right now I need a warm shower, some Advil and an early bedtime
Aside from racing, it's feels like a bit of a reunion here, I ran into Stu Thorne from Cyclocross World and super honchy wrench for Tim Johnson, frame builder extraordinaire Richard Sachs from my old stomping grounds of Connecticut and Matty O, pro mechanic for Gary Fisher and all around nice guy who races fro Pro-Peloton in Boulder. There is lots of Colorado talent here this weekend.

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