Saturday, December 13, 2008


I am not so keen on racing so late in the day. I'm sitting in my hotel room...waiting, just sitting here with heaps of pent up energy. I think a large part of finding success here as a lot to with with being comfortable being out of your comfort zone, the normal pre-race routine, food, sleep, travel, etc. are thrown into a bit of chaos. I managed a great nights sleep and woke to mostly overcast skies and extremely blustery winds. There's a very slight chance of some light rain by late day.

According to the NRS guys the track was drying up very quickly yesterday, the masters women categories had the afternoon to wrap up their events and by late day there was no need for bike swaps in the pits whereas a spare bike and a mechanic/bike wash slave was necessary yesterday morning, pretty epic conditions. Scott M pre-rode yesterday and managed to completely mangle his rear derailleur after the pulleys filled up with mud and ceased to rotate.

Unless it starts to rain, I don't think the mud is going to play a factor today. My legs are feeling Thursdays efforts still but I'm feeling ready to go. My sister Laura and brother-in-law Don will be coming out from Kansas today so this will be fun for them. The hotel is finally filling to the brim with antsy riders. I ran into the "twin towers" from Kona this morning, it's looks like they have just arrived into town. Tim Johnson and Jeremy Powers have been here for a couple of days already.

Thanks for reading and all the encouraging words of support, Today's goal is simple, try not to get pulled.


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