Saturday, December 13, 2008


It's over, and it comes with a combination of elation and sadness. Sadness because this is the sport that keeps on giving, our scene is so tight and such an awesome spectacle.... we're many months before the circus starts up again. Elation for putting in a solid effort today, although I was lapped by the top three, I managed another 65th placing today. ( at least I'm consistentantly slow this weekend? ).My goal of not being asked to pull off the course was met.

If you couldn't tell by my earlier posting today, I was seriously wadded up this morning just sitting around. I was doubting my reasons for being here,. For the vast majority of riders here this is their summit push, the culmination of the season and their training program is dialed towards peaking this weekend. I didn't want to get out there just to get in the way of these guys and their goals but that all changed as soon as I arrived.

I was spinning easy on a nice paved roller just a few miles away from the venue and who pulls up next to me is Tim Johnson, the first American ever to podium at a World Championships, subject of an excellent new DVD release, The Nine Ball Diaries and current National Champion with his teammate Jeremy Powers. They pull up and then sit up when coming alongside. We're rolling along for a few miles just chattin it up about this and that. We all have similar motivations for racing, Mine are simple, race the best race I can but more so, immerse myself in the cyclocross racing experience which encompasses so many things but mainly hanging out and riding with those who share this passion whether that be stars of our sport or pack fodder like myself. It's an addiction.

What a scene today, a huge raucous crowd, a group of 5 dressed in shark costumes, someone with a marching band tuba,lots of bells and screaming. I'm pretty sure my sister and brother in law enjoyed themselves. You can't deny the appeal of spectating a cross is NEVER boring! We'll that is it, an even dozen races in the bag this year. I'll make sure I follow the same "training" program next year....downhilling at Keystone, epic mountain bikes rides on Kenosha, Monarch Pass, a Fruita trip, taking the cruisers downtown with Jen to get some grub.

Until then I think it's time to go slide on snow, Thanks for reading!!!

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