Sunday, December 13, 2009

What A Day

What can I say...I've never seen a cross race like the one I witnessed today, crowds were at least five deep in most good viewing spots on the course and the volume was turned ALL the way up. To the point where you could barely hear Dave Towle's was that loud. Seems as though the Portland vibe and all it's crossy madness had migrated East for the weekend. Drum Crops, some guy dressed as a pirate playing a saxophone, another dressed only in a Mexican wrestling mask and a speedo, Santa Clause was here....everyone came out for the big show. It was a pleasure witnessing Tim Johnson take his 3rd Stars and Stripes jersey (obviously paying attention to my valuable advice (scroll down) has paid off ). For the ladies, it was the Katie Compton show all over again and she took her 6th National title. Well done to everyone who laid it all out there today. Cyclocross continues to be the greatest show on earth. Bend put on a great race. Mark your calenders for next year and make the trip.

The day was made that much better by a surprise visit from some former Mainiacs now residing in Oregon ( seen here enjoying the best frites..ever..there's some kind of additive properties to the spicy mayo that are slathered all over these things )
As for now, there's still plenty of season left ahead for the Euro's.... check out Stybars new brakes!! (photo courtesy of Bart Hazen)

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Old Crosser said...

It was a noisy afternoon, for sure. Glad to have FINALLY met you in person. Great job on the 45=49 Race! -Dale

Anonymous said...

Great to see you as well Chris!
I for one will heed your cyclocross advice and suit up for '10. Wjith the lycra not the carhart onesy.