Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Finale

Friday afternoon marked my last race for the 09 season, and I couldn't have been happier with the race, so much so that it almost got over on me after crossing the line. I ran a super clean race, avoided the inevitable pile-ups and just tried to lay down some nice smooth power for the entirety. I wasn't lapped or asked to leave the course. The track thankfully had thawed slightly during the day and while temps and sunshine were simultaneously plummeting during our race, the traction was far better than Thursdays "B' race. My effort netted me 50th place out of 139 starters in the 45-49 group, I'm calling it good since it's further up the line than last years Nats and I started about 3 rows from the back. This sport always gives back more than I put into it and I'm super thankful for that.

Colorado riders are continuing to take home the stars and stripes jerseys. I'm not sure if Danny Summerhill took the Espoirs race today but Jon Baker took the win in the 35-39. Pete Webber crushed everyone by 45 seconds on the 40-44 ( YEAH PETE!!!!!) and when I left at 4PM Paco from Velonews was leading the 30-34.

Noon was open course so I spent that time critiquing riders techniques then following up with them post-practice to point out their obvious flaws
TJ could use a little help with his shouldering technique

Jamie Driscoll finally understands how to set up for bunny-hopping a barrier, ( check out his sweet frame pump!...what a dork ). I was trying to give Jeremy Powers a little help but his bike was literally run over by a Lincoln Navigator while we stood beside watching it happen. (He wasn't on the bike at the time)

Tomorrow should be a barn burner. There's a lot of unknowns, namely what course conditions will be ( they seem to be changing by the minute ) Todd Wells seems to be in fine form. Trebon looks confident, no one has seen Jon Page yet. The Cannondale/ Mafia guys are on a tear and work very well together. For the ladies, it will most likely be the Katie Compton show
That is all from Bend for now, Thanks for Tim and Jamie for putting up with shenanigans and thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this seasons ramblings

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lukejay said...

nice job chris! looks like is was pretty legit course. can't believe TJ isn't taking your cx wisdom more seriously.