Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Feeling a little out of sorts with a open weekend on the horizon. After 12 consecutive weekends of racing it's not a huge surprise. While I'm very much looking forward to some downtime, there's still piece of me that desperately wants to get out and open it up and charge hard, it's difficult to find something else to fill that void. As usual, I'll get over it and embrace the space.

I'd like to take the time to acknowledge of number of persons who make this silly obsession possible every year.First and foremost, my honey for giving me a strings-free hall pass for the entire season. ( I know it wasn't easy ) J Mathis, my co-pilot for the entire season, pretty sure he's hooked. Lortie, for the stunning imagery, Keller and Matty O for the contagious enthusiasm and inspired speed. Matt K, Rich, Brian, and all the FMVC guys who keep racing in perspective. All the 35/4 guys who I've been chasing all season, the Brads (2), Bob P, James H...shouldn't you all move up next season ? New local cycloblogger, Dale Riley, thanks for posting all the videos so I could re-live how badly I was shanking it. So many others, especially those I re-connected with in Bend, from the New England Cross Mafia ( Stu, Timmy,)to the Santa Cruzer guys and girls ( E-Richter, Willie B, Justin and Jenny ) . To all family and friends who have sent encouragement from afar.

This season, unlike any other, our cross family has grown exponentially and it never ceases to amaze. Thanks All !!!

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