Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Todays Haiku

strong north wind blowing
a cold front arrives today
two pedal strokes home

at least that's what it felt like....the commute home this evening was spectacular. Clouds were looming over Monument pass and I could tell we're losing our daylight pretty quick. Fresh snow coating the higher portions of the peak while the bright gold trees provided an impressive contrast to the dark clouds out East. It was one of those rides we're you feeling pro, rolling effortlessly along in the big ring while the only audible sound is the light buzzing of your tires on pavement and the occasional crunch of leaves. There were a few poor souls headed North, directly into the teeth, I felt for them because we've all been there, a nod and a wave to acknowledge their efforts but for the moment I was thoroughly enjoying my push South. Did I mention that fall is the finest season ? It is.

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