Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Circus Comes To Town

Race prep, it's an extremely meditative, cathartic experience. I love tinkering with my bike, always have, although there are certain rules one must always adhere to, such as NEVER dinking with your ride the night before an event unless it's cosmetic touch-ups such as coating the frame with furniture polish so it looks extra special and the mud doesn't stick. I've been known to break these rules when in Jr. High, I would go visit my cousin Slade the evening before a Saturday time trial. We'd spend hours holed up in his room repacking hubs and bottom brackets with the freshest of grease looking for the slightest edge.

The Jamis was put in the stand a few nights ago because the rear shifting was feeling a little sluggish. Fast forward a couple of days and I've managed to change out all the cables and housing, threw on a new chain, chainrings and cassette. Even bar tape. This is me being completely neurotic and trying to ensure that I leave nothing to chance. Thanks to my wife who secretly wishes I would apply the same attention to detail and fervor to home projects as I do to my bikes... do I wash the car after an especially mucky drive through the mountains ? No.

This weekend, the circus arrives to the front range, The Boulder Cup, two days especially tailored for us fanatics. Saturday brings everyone back to the Boulder Reservoir, Sunday is Harlow Platts park in South Boulder. I'm going to pass on the Rez but very much looking forward to Sunday's romp in the park, it's a fast grassy course with a nice long sand pit thrown in, a great venue, unfortunately it's looking like another picture perfect weather weekend. We could really use some character building type weather.

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