Thursday, October 16, 2008

Indian Summer

This mornings commute was a brisk one....o.k.,more like a cold slap in the face. I checked the thermometer so I could formulate a plan for layering . 30°...that's a first for this season and had me digging for my sweet pair of new Craft riding pants, my goofball headband and warm gloves. There was a good hard layer of frost on all the grass along the trail on the way in. Typical Colorado though, by noon, shorts and t-shirts were far more appropriate and I decided to bail on cross practice in the evening and take a lunchtime spin in the dirt in Ute. Our new trail is starting to bed in nicely but would benefit from some rain to pack down the loose sand.

I finished building my commuter/spare pit/cross bike, a Surly Cross-Check. In one word to describe the ride: butter. This bike is ridiculously smooth, I'm guessing it's combination of being weight challenged and made from steel. I've been able to dial the geometry so it matches my race bike perfectly. I equate riding this bike to those baseball players that are using two bats to warm up prior to stepping up to the batters box...when I throw a leg onto the race bike I can't help but kill it.

The city works dept employees of Colorado Springs have obviously never been properly introduced to the joys of plowing streets like those back East, who at the slightest sign of snow will gleefully drive around with the blade dropped on dry pavement sending sparks everywhere.
The Surly is equipped to handle more than a few winters worth of sketchy roads. The frame will take up to 45c width tires with fenders!! Fatties do fit fine! Perhaps even studded ones.

Saturday's weather is calling for sunny skies and 70° and I'm sorely disappointed to hear that. I can only hope for a super techy course because if it's dry and fast that requires power and that's something I'm lacking. T-minus and counting.
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