Monday, October 13, 2008

Life During Wartime

There's good timing and then there's "it was meant to be" timing. More than a few decades ago, while in college I had my eye on a girl from Maine, at that time she fit my criteria perfectly, one: she was wicked cute, two : she owned a mountain bike...granted it was a Peugeot, nothing terrible special at the time but we're talking about the late eighties..there couldn't have been more than one hundred mountain bikes in the entire state of New Hampshire at that time. One of our first dates was going to downtown Keene to the Colonial Theatre and watching Jonathan Demme's film "Stop Making Sense" in my humble opinion, far and above the finest concert film ever made. I was a huge fan of the Talking Heads and back in day had a copy of the lyrics to "I Zimbra" taped to my dorm room door. ( Don't ask... it was a long time ago ).

On October 8th, we just passed two decades of marriage together, depending on where you're standing you could say 20 years is a good start or a long time to be with one person. Either way it's worked for us very nicely. Last night David Byrne was playing in Denver. We had never got to see the Talking Heads play live before the bands demise however we've always remained a fan of Byrne's music. His performance was sublime, his voice hasn't diminished at all and his musical abilities are very well intact. Brian Eno and he recently collaborated on a recent release titled " Everything that happens will happen today" Eno provided the background soundscape, Byrne wrote all the lyrics. It's a collection of beautiful songs and I would highly recommend taking a listen.

A pretty special night and quite surreal, the same songs that we heard watching the film all that time ago still evoke the same feelings of euphoria, introspect, serenity...but it's the new material that really makes me listen. I'm glad for artists like David Bryne, he could take all the original material and play it to death or keep reinventing and building on a solid foundation...much like what keeps a lifetime commitment interesting.

Thanks for reading...I'm just about finished building my winter commuter cross bike and making some tweaks to the race bike..stay tuned for some geeking out on bike stuff


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