Monday, November 10, 2008


For as long as the Michelin Mud cyclocross tires have been in existence, I've been a loyal and devoted fan. From the green versions with their "mud shedding" abilities to the ubiquitous Mud 2. They've been flawless, I've never had a good enough reason to even look at anything else. Tubulars are not meant for punters like myself, I'm definitely not worthy of some hand sewn, made in the homeland, super pricey tire that I'll most likely roll on the first corner because I just know, with my less than stellar methods of gluing tires to's coming off.

A few weeks back, I was introduced to the Challenge Griffo clincher. I must say I liked the look, the fact that the TPI count was twice that of the Mud 2, it's also lighter. I decided to order a set and promptly broke my own cardinal rule of bicycle racing. I installed them last Friday evening before the On the Cross race. There never seem to be any monumental leaps in technology in cyclocross, it evolves cautiously. Cross bikes traditionally been the red-headed step children of the road market. Once something shiny, black and most likely made from carbon fiber has proven itself in the road market it gets handed down to it's cross brethren. Not so with these tires. What a huge improvement, a great tread pattern that is very surefooted and stable, the volume of the tire and it's supple casing provide an amazing ride and feel on the trail. I am hooked, these are not some watered-down, hybrid style, road/ off-road tire, these are made for cyclocross and the advantage is immediate and real. Get some.

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