Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day One

The first evening practice session is in the books, the wife's eyes rolling as I left the house with the new skinsuit on and porta-barriers stashed in my messenger bag. It felt SUPER good to be tooling around Monument Valley Park again. ( this would be a superb race venue ). I'm trying very hard to continue to work on form. After many, many years of this, you'd think mounts and dismounts would be hardwired into the board...not so much, in fact I manged to do a nice high speed wad-up on some slippery grass in front of about a dozen 10-12 year old soccer camp kids all of whom all had to stop their drills to see if I was going to get up off the ground. Besides that incident, I felt good. really thinking about placing the hand on the top tube earlier for barrier dismounts and stop doing the minimum 5 steps before remounting, these are bad habits that are hard to break....time is on my side though and there is always room for improvement.


Vosey said...

Porta- barriers? More info please!

Chris said...

Hey Vosey !

head to the hardware/plumbing supply and pick up some PVC, here's a guide

our are a little different but serve the same purpose