Saturday, August 1, 2009

and so it begins

Welcome to August...the alarm strikes marking weeks to go before our season starts. I've got to say I've been enjoying this clammy summer thus far, it's been wreaking havoc on our trails, but the temps are super comfy. Spending lot's of time on the fat tires, managed to get in some gravity days at Keystone and Sol Vista, spent a few hours climbing in Red Rocks and a bit of throttle twisting, Still on the to-do list is Monarch Crest and Kenosha to Breck epics before the leaves turn. Unfortunately, I've already written off a few early races, namely the Pikes Peak Supercross right in our backyard which I have mixed feelings about, one on hand I think it's one of the lamest venue's around but convenience wise, it can't be beat. I'll be enjoying a tropical island working vacation on the lovely isle of Taiwan

Notice to local crossers: Wednesday night practice sessions start on the 5th at the soccer field on the North end of Monument Valley park, see you there at 6pm

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Rich said...

Hey Chris,
Bagging on the race in your backyard..that is harsh. We are already planning on skipping Boulder races again this year. Drills starting up here this weekend.

Let's plan a Kenosha day before you head to Taiwan. I want to cross that off this year.

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