Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Greatest Show on Earth

Reveling in the magic of the Intraweb, I spent my 2 hours today glued to computer watching the Worlds unfold. Some mighty fine racing and the raucous crowds just makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up straight!! A little bummed to see Compton take third, it was frustrating to watch Marianne Vos get towed around the course by Kupfernagel and Compton just to come around in the last few hundred meters for the win. I realize that she had no reason to take a pull with her countryperson in the next group back but there were some more deserving riders for the stripes in the field. ( my humble opinion )

As for the men, an awesome ride for Albert, it was fun watching the Belgium mafia working the front of the race. I'm glad to see Nys in third and that Lars Boom couldn't manage to harness the power of the NorEuro Mullet to his advantage. Props to Jeremy Powers placing 35th for the top placing American.

One of these years, I'm heading over for a full cross submersion experience....who's in?!!!

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Greg said...

Shotty: YOU MUST GO! It'll blow your mind how these races are run and what goes down. Honestly, you should race some of the local flair too. Even the small back woods races are PRO...e.g. like on the level of a USGP for us. S-I-C-K.