Friday, February 11, 2011

The Future

Greetings All,

Changes ahead for Veldrijden Colorado, when starting this a bunch of years ago, I had no real expectations or planned direction of where I wanted to take this experiment. All I knew is that I wanted or felt as though I needed a means of expressing my cycling life. While this blog has obviously been cyclocross centric, this space has also allowed me to lay down some digital history of my entry into the cycling world and how it's morphed into a lifelong career path.

As of late, my posts here have become more and more sporadic, not because I don't have anything to say but simply because there is a finite amount of time in a day and a don't have the time to keep this site operating up to my own standards. In a perfect world, I would carve out some space on a daily basis to organize my thoughts in words but that's not reality. So this may come as a massive disappointment to the 12 regular visitors of this blog, but fear not, I do have plan B

Moving forward you may find my contributions at a new blog : SRAM Factory Cyclocross Team
I've partnered up with a few other SRAMmies and will representing our Colorado scene. My cross compatriots, Scott McLaughlin and JP will be competing from their hometown of Chicago. I couldn't be more stoked about this change, I hope you'll bookmark the new site and as always please continue to read the fine fine work that Greg Keller is putting out at Mud and Cowbells, The boys at Frites n' Mayo Velo, Dale ( Crossin Colorado ), from not Boulder. ( links down to the right ) and Lorties site for some words and amazing images.

Thanks for a massive amount of encouragement from all, I truly hoped you've enjoyed the ramblings and I'll see you at the races.



Greg said...

Thanks for the kind words Shotty! Let me know if your crew at SRAM Factory need any help dialing in the new site. I suggest buying the URL: sramfactorycx on GoDaddy right away and mapping that over the blogspot address.



Callie said...

Chris, thanks for the good words and the insperation! Will miss your thoughts here, but look forward to them on the new blog.

Old Crosser said...

Oops, may well have commented under my wife's account.... Oops.

Shorty, thanks for the good words and the inspiration. Your blog helped motivate me to start writing my own. Will miss your stuff here, but look forward to seeing your input at the SRAM site!