Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2 Degrees

Whew..! Can't believe I found my way back to this site, it's been that long. Returned from vacation tanned, relaxed and in a deep funk. Downtime this time was far to short, while the outing was exceptional, I was just beginning to get into the daily groove when reality had me sitting on a plane a mere 6 days later wondering what had just happened and how do I go back and stay back there.

Life is far too short to not indulge yourself with taking in the scenery. I think the perspective of a radically different environment sets a ground swell shift in what I believe to be important in life, namely family, friends and making the earth a better place while you were here (albeit that most infinitesimal spec of time in the big scheme of things).

I truly love the life I share with my wife, our home, my job, I count myself as one of the lucky ones who truly set a course early on and has been extremely fortunate with that path taken. However I'm still restless, for every trip taken I mentally take a piece away and try to apply that to everyday life, perhaps the more I travel the more my life takes on a shape of what I'd like it to become or what it will be in the future. We'll never know what the future holds for us, what may sideline us down a different path, what may slingshot us into the stratosphere.

What I do know is that I'm planning a lifestyle change at some undetermined time in the future, probably when the balance between life's responsibilities and life's desires swing firmly towards desires. It's going to be absurdly fun, perhaps risky and hopefully pay off in huge dividends.

A long time ago , I either read a piece or heard it through someone about charting a direction in your life, pick a compass heading. If you stray off that heading even by 2 degrees, the longer you stay on that course the more difficult it is to get back to your original heading. Prior to moving to Colorado many years ago, Jen and I were grappling with some life changes, we were comfortable in Maine but that was the problem, comfortable gets old and I equate it to drifting off course. When we were visiting Colorado and trying to decide if the right opportunity's existed and whether or not to make the move, we went on a hike to talk it out, clear our heads. On that hike we stopped for a snack and drink of water. I looked down at my feet and there was someones compass on the ground, The signs could not have been clearer.

Thanks for reading my philosophical ramblings, now onto the immediate future: Namely the 4th Annual Paris Roubaix Day. We are hosting our annual road/cross bike ride up the Santa Fe Trail to the Air Force Academy North Gate, ride back and join together for Brats, Waffles and Chocolate,Belgium Ales, Frites en Mayo followed by a viewing of the Road to Roubaix and then coverage on Versus.

The rest of April is filled with a trip out to the Sea Otter classic near my old stomping grounds of Santa Cruz and the Monterey Bay area and a trip out to Fruita at the end of the month for the Fat Tire Festival, hope to see you out there.


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