Saturday, January 23, 2010

Finish Lines

The bright strobes and flashing signs all around Taichung city create this extra-sensory experience that cannot be created elsewhere. Vegas has tried but it's no match for the seizure inducing overload that is Taiwan at night. I'm back in the ROC for what should be the second finish line for this past cyclocross season. We should be wrapping up the last pilot run of the Shorty Ultimates cross-canti brake in the following week, but as always to finish first, you must first finish so not by any means will there be any pre-celebratory raising of the arms, finger banging, pointing to sponsors and the sky shenanigans. This will be a heads down all the way to the line finish.

Taiwan and all it's OSHA-free restrictions take some getting used to and it's never,ever dull ( especially dining ), nevertheless I always take something away from each stay here. Today, three other co-workers and myself included, took off to the foothills for a hike. A good way to spend some time when staying through a weekend here. The hike turned into something a little closer to an amusement ride in a theme park. The "trail" consisted of a tight, twisty sometime near vertical, and off camber gang plank of logs pieced together and at time precariously perched on the side of a cliff. Let's be clear, the use of this trail would NEVER be allowed in the US. While all of us had our packs with water and various nutritional supplements in the form of gels, blocks or bar form, by the time we reached the top of our loop after a solid hour or more of trying not to trip and take a potentially life threatening fall from the trail, we came upon this scene.
A nice leisure day in the mountains with friends/family.This group had packed in all kinds of stainless cookware and stoves for a proper lunch, brought a newspaper, they made up some tea and coffee and few other adult beverages. It couldn't have been more obvious that at times we must leave the conveniences at home and set aside the time to ensure the best quality downtime possible.

On the cross front, too much news, Our man Stybar takes the big W at Roubaix and thereby the World Cup lead with only the Finals left in Hoogerheide this weekend. The possibility of the Cyclocross World Championships coming to American shores in 2013(never thought this would happen in my lifetime!!!! ) The Neils Albert drama that for sure opens the door for Stybar to take the stripes in his backyard. I literally cannot sit still watching these races lately, just an amazing string of racing.

As always, thanks for reading and apologies for the lack of posts as of late, been busy building up some big wheels- sans gears...details to follow

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