Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy 1st Blogday

Veldrijden Colorado turned one this week ! A massive thanks goes out to those who have tuned in a regular basis, offered up words of encouragement, left a comment, sent readers my way. I had no expectations or even a direction to take when I started throwing down my drivel onto the inter-web a year ago but I've thoroughly enjoyed sharing my cycling-centric life with all of you.

Today is a rest day before heading up to Broomfield tomorrow for Boulder Series #2. This is under the assumption that I'll actually be able to get there, currently there are heaps of traffic accident reports all over the front range due to the fact that's it's below freezing and drizzling here in the Pikes Peak Trailer Park. Looks like a decent amount of snow in Boulder but the forecast calls for temps in the 50's and some sun. If travel goes smoothly this race will be EPIC

Thanks for reading

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