Wednesday, September 23, 2009

30 seconds to start

It's coming down to the wire, my cross season is about to officially get underway at the Boulder series # 1 in.....Louisville ( insert Debbie Downer sounds here ). I've had semi-decent results here but it's a brutal course..super rough, I hoping that this weeks snow and rain will linger long enough to dampen the dust. Tonight's practice session was held under perfect cross conditions, temps hovering barely above 40 degrees with a light rain, the leaves are turning, I felt super good and was pushing nicely,trying to keep it smooth and blow the Taiwan funk out of my system. Then a shooting pain up my right shoulder while portaging the bike...feels like some sort of tendon/ligament issue that will go away in 6 months time if I don't do anything so I'll nurse it along and hope that it improves. I highly recommend not getting old.

As of today, the Interbike show in Vegas is underway, as well as Cross Vegas, you may have seen this, which is something that has been consuming probably far too much of my time at work since about mid-March. It's the reason I spent the past 12 days in Taiwan and might be run by Jesse Anthony of Jamis tonight. It's out there and it's up to you to decide if we've done our homework.

Hope to see you Saturday

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