Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Reading online content usually lasts me less than 15 minutes of perusing through an article/interview, whatever before either a) it really grabs my attention and I send it to the printer or b) A.D.D. sets in and I move on. If I really want to get my head around something and actually absorb it, it has to be in printed form. I heard a news story on the radio of how universities and colleges are making text books available on-line only as a means of saving some money for students which makes sense, however I would suffer horribly in this type of environment. In more cases than not, online content has a sidebar with some advertisement which is constantly luring your attention away from the purpose of why you visited the site in the first place. I don't mean to sound like a Luddite and go off on a Ted Kazinsky rant and list 10 reasons why the typewriter should be resurrected....but I really appreciate the tactile feel of a good book or magazine in my hands. Which brings me to Bike Monkey.... a regional NorCal magazine I found laying about our office a few weeks back. It's such an excellent publication, very well written stories and a nice complete package with photography and art that is extremely pleasing to the eye. I would encourage you to go hunt down something in print and keep it around the house for a good long time whether it's a magazine kept in the bathroom or a novel on the bookshelf .Happy reading and thanks for visiting this site...just don't spend too much time here!


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Greg said...

I hear that, Shotty. I assume too that you subscribe to our 'local' mag, The Mountain Flyer?