Monday, February 15, 2010

Goings On

Buried completely and only occasionally coming up for gasps of air. This is why there are few words as of late. Tis the season....lots of projects wrapping up and beginning to look ahead to 2012. Life has been filled with work, play, flu, home projects, bike projects, dogs and of course still rabidly following the remainder of the cross season. Yesterday morning, Jen walked into our spare bedroom/office while I'm transfixed to the monitor watching Stybar take yet another win for the Superprestige overall.

Her patience might be wearing thin after 20 something continuous weeks of speaking cyclocross. Oh ! and speaking of cross go here for a killer video compilation from Nationals in Bend, I spotted myself ( actually staying upright on film this time ) at the 2:34 mark in this vid. it's the shortest snippet and I had to spend a considerable amount convincing Jen that it was actually me, but watching this has me seriously jonesin for next year.

Or will there be some changes amuk at USA cycling requiring qualifying for Nationals because the field sizes are becoming too large ? Lot's of discussion on this topic. For a punter/pack filler like myself I can see the reasoning behind this, while I would hate to be blocked from participating here are 2 immediate thoughts: 1) Please keep the B race and make sure that Cat 1 riders are not allowed to participate and 2) This is motivation, if there is some sort of qualification criteria to participate you can be be sure that I actually start training

I think I share an affliction for the "cross-over" season. You see, I'm not much of a roadie these days and when the cyclocross season is over, it's straight to the fat tires. However, here's the rub, when I've spent the previous solid 4 months on a 700c wheel bike that is hovering around 17lbs, I have some issues with throwing a leg over a 28lb, 5 inch travel bike with small wheels. It's KILLING me!! so gawd-awful SLOW. Solution: get some big wheels with one gear: So here it is, a new ( to me ) Fisher Rig

I am digging this bike! most of the trails down low that are still rideable during the winter are especially suited towards singlespeeding, especially when taking treks down to Pueblo Rez which is wagon wheel heaven. What else is new ? Well, while in Taiwan last month, I get a call from Jen....who's at the Animal can probably guess what's coming:

His name is Rico, a 3 year old male Chihuahua mix who , in a word is awesome. Seems as though some famous actress type in California has popularized this breed of dog to the point of over saturation and now the LA area is shipping out the overflow of these dogs since the owners seem to think that the "fad" has passed. Absolutely pathetic behavior and people need to wake up and realize that dogs are not a fashion accessory. Their loss is our gain and we're giving this little guy the home he deserves.

Thanks for reading,